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Welcome to The Journey Lessons. Every life is a journey full of experiences. Dedicated to education and the navigation of grief and all types of  loss, The Journey Lessons help us to experience life with purpose and hope.

Join us to celebrate the wins and learn from the lessons!

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About Dawn

Author | Educator | Journey Navigator

 With over 20 years of experience as an educator, bereavement ministry director, grief support group facilitator, and hospice volunteer, Dawn Cochrane King is passionate about helping people navigate the journey of life. 

Books by Dawn

Survivor's Nuggets
Walking Through the Stages of Grief to Find Hope

True stories of death, grief, and loss illustrate the powerful ability to find value in the process of grieving. Readers will learn to embrace life with hope.

A delightful book written to teach children to face problems by never giving up.


The Star, The Grasshopper, and the Wind

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La Estrella, El Saltamontes, Y El Viento (Spanish Version)

Un libro delicioso escrito para enseñar a los niños a afrontar los problemas sin darse por vencidos.


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