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About The Journey Lessons

"I created a business that allows me to provide services based on my experience as an educator, author, grief facilitator and podcaster. You may be wondering how I connect the dots between these four "hats" that I wear. You see, I look at life as a journey of wins and lessons. It's easy to celebrate wins. The lessons we should learn when we don't "win" are so important that I created a Journey Lessons Community on Facebook (see Contacts to join us). As my careers evolved, I realized my life's purpose is to help people work through everyday as well as traumatic challenges. I work to fulfil my purpose as an educator when I teach and advocate for students and families and mentor teachers. As an author and grief facilitator, I educate, encourage and provide coping mechanisms and other tools for readers and the bereaved. As a podcaster, I get to talk about all of it! The Journey Lessons, LLC is a company that provides me the opportunity to further fulfill my purpose as a professional development consultant focusing on each of my passions: education, writing, grief facilitation, and podcasting. What does your purpose inspire you to do along your journey?" - Dawn

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